May 26, 2019  
2018-19 Catalog 
2018-19 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Computer Information Systems, AAS

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Program Code: AASIS

If you enjoy working with computers, figuring out how things work, and solving problems in a business environment, a career in Computer Information Systems is for you!

Students in the Associate in Applied Arts and Science - Computer Information Systems program complete a well-rounded selection of courses in computer software, hardware, programming and web design, as well as courses in business. Several elective options are available to help students explore areas of interest related to Computer Information Systems. Students with this degree will possess the valuable combination of computer and business skills to be an asset to any small-to medium-size business requiring a diverse skill set.

Graduates of this program will be prepared to apply for in-demand jobs such as business analyst, database analyst, help desk support specialist, operations analyst, technical trainer, web designer, and administrative assistant. Graduates have multiple opportunities to continue into Bachelor degree programs, including some programs where, with careful planning, students can complete up to 90 credits at SC4 and the remaining credits (30-36) either online or on campus at the four-year institution.

Contact the Business and Information Technology division at (810) 989-5575 for more information.

College credit may be given for earned industry certifications. The listing can be found here.   



When students complete this program, they will be able to:

  1. communicate professionally, both in writing and verbally, about computing and business concepts using technical terms effectively
  2. define basic components of an operating system (OS) and manage OS functions, such as: installing an OS; formatting and partitioning hard drives; organizing directory/folder structures; working with basic OS utilities; configuring the desktop and operating environment for individual users; and working effectively in Command Line and/or GUI to scan directories, copy or move files, rename or change file/folder attributes
  3. plan and implement a spreadsheet for a business application containing formulas, functions, and macros
  4. design an effective relational database that enforces the use of business rules. Create Entity Relationship Diagrams and use Microsoft Access tables and relationships to enforce referential integrity; design effective forms, queries and reports
  5. develop and document a solution to a business problem using an object-oriented computer programming or web-scripting language
  6. create a web site using current standards including cascading style sheets, links, images, forms and canned script.

Suggested Course Sequence

1st Semester - 15/15 Credit/Contact Hours

3rd Semester - 16/16 Credit/Contact Hours

4th Semester - 16/16 Credit/Contact Hours

Total Credit/Contact Hours = 62/62

    *  Or MTH 110  or MTH 112  or higher. Students wishing to transfer to a four-year program should consult with the Program Lead, an Advisor and/or the transfer institution for more information.

   **  Or PS 220  or PS 230  

 ***  Students must complete at least 12 credits from the required list of Computer Information Systems Electives. 

**** Other programming courses may be substituted. Consult with a Program Lead for more information.

*****  Or ENG 102  or SPC 101  . Students wishing to transfer to a four-year program should consult with the Program Lead, an Advisor and/or the transfer institution for more information

CIS Electives

At least 4 credits of the required Computer Information Systems Electives must be completed from a past or current 100- or 200-level CIS course, excluding those courses being used to satisfy degree distribution requirements. The remaining credits can be selected from the following list:

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