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2021-2022 Catalog 
2021-2022 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Associate Degree Nursing, AAS

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Due to the dynamic nature of the health professions, changes in either the curricula or course content or both may be made at any time. For updated information, visit www.sc4.edu/nursing.

Applicants planning to pursue a career in nursing should familiarize themselves with the essential physical tasks of the nursing profession and limitations based upon criminal convictions. Please feel free to contact Health and Human Services to discuss such issues.

Nursing students are expected to regularly attend all classes. Students in online classes are expected to log in at least weekly and participate in all online classroom activities and assignments. The demonstration of professional attitudes and behaviors as defined in the policies established by the course instructors is considered critical. Therefore, failure to demonstrate these critical attitudes and behaviors may result in a failing grade in the course, regardless of the degree of progress in other areas.

Students are required to achieve and maintain an 80% pass rate in their course of study and a grade of satisfactory in each clinical course. Courses related to the nursing program (including pre-nursing courses HE 101 , HE 210  and HE 224 ) only can be taken a total of two times. Failure to meet these requirements will result in the student’s potential lack of acceptance to or exclusion from the program.

Any failure or withdrawal from the Nursing program after drop and add will result in loss of tuition, and also may impact financial aid.

St. Clair County Community College’s associate degree nursing program is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing.

BSN transfer option

Students planning to continue their education in nursing after attaining an Associate Degree in Nursing at SC4 must inform their academic advisor of this plan. Students may want to incorporate courses that are required by all BSN programs, such as microbiology. Academic advisors have current information on those universities with direct relationships with SC4.



Program code: AASRN

The Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) program prepares students to enter the profession of nursing. Upon successful completion of the required courses, the graduate is eligible to write a national licensure examination to become a Registered Nurse. The program is two years in length and includes liberal arts and nursing courses. However, a student may choose to complete any of the liberal arts courses prior to admission to the ADN program.

Transportation to and from the clinical facility is the sole responsibility of the student. In all nursing programs, students are required to purchase uniforms approved by the Health and Human Services division.



When students complete this program, they will be able to:

  1. provide holistic evidence-based (HEB) direct care to diverse clients using the nursing process
  2. use effective communication to deliver holistic evidence-based (HEB) health care
  3. provide teaching for the diverse client
  4. manage the delivery of care for diverse clients within their environment
  5. demonstrate accountability through the integration of ethical, legal professional standards, and evidence-based nursing practice (HEB).



If you have previously attended college, you may already have a head start toward your nursing degree. See an SC4 advisor for more information.

The pre-admission requirements are:

  1. Minimum selective GPA of 2.7 based on courses that apply to the ADN program (current high school students’ minimum is overall 3.0 GPA based on 10th and 11th grade college prep courses).
  2. Complete BIO 271 - Human Anatomy and Physiology I , or equivalent, with a grade of 2.0 (“C” or better) by May of the application year.
    • Students applying directly from high school must have completed biology and chemistry in high school with a grade of “C” or better by May of the application year. They also must complete BIO 271  before starting the program. Official high school transcripts must be sent to the Health and Human Services office.
    • All biology A & P courses, HE 101  and HE 224  must be completed within five academic years of admission to the Nursing program.
  3. Complete HE 101 - Math Related to Drug Administration , or equivalent, with minimum of 80% (or be enrolled in) prior to application deadline.
  4. All pre-nursing and general education requirements must have a most recent grade of “C” or better if student wishes to be considered in the applicant pool.
  5. Assessment tests are required if the student has not previously attended college. Arrangements for assessments can be made by calling the Testing Center at (810) 989-5555.
  6. HESI Pre-admission Test must be taken at SC4.

Fulfillment of these criteria does not guarantee admission to the nursing program.

Applicants planning to pursue a career in registered nursing who have a criminal record of felony or misdemeanor convictions should contact the Health and Human Services division to determine employment restrictions based upon these convictions.



Persons seeking admission to the RN − Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) program must:

  1. Submit to the SC4 Enrollment Services office:
    • A completed Application for Admission to SC4, indicating an AGEGE, General Education program code as the program of study.
    • A completed Allied Health Application designating ADN program to Enrollment Services by April 1 of application year.
    • Official college transcripts by May 15, if you have previously attended a college other than SC4.
  2. Schedule a mandatory group advising appointment with the Health and Human Services division at (810) 989-5675. Attending a group advising session is mandatory before application is considered.
  3. Make arrangements to take the HESI pre-admission test. Students applying for admission will receive a letter of receipt via email.



  1. Qualified applications will be reviewed by the Health and Human Services division in the winter semester for the ADN program (program starts the following fall semester in August). Notification of applicant acceptances and rejections will be mailed. Acceptance into the program is based on space, availability and entrance criteria that includes GPA, credits taken towards a nursing degree and HESI Pre-admission Test results. See www.sc4.edu/nursing for a breakdown of the criteria.
  2. Accepted ADN applicants will be required to attend an ADN program orientation after admission. At the ADN program orientation session, course schedules for fall semester will be distributed.
  3. Upon admission and before classes begin in the fall semester, students will need to submit a completed Physical Examination Form and evidence of current CPR for the Health Care Provider certification from the American Heart Association (forms will be provided by the Health and Human Services division during ADN program orientation). Additional screenings are required.

Suggested Course Sequence

Prerequisites to program admission - 8 Credit/9 Contact Hours

69.05 Total Credit/107.55 Total Contact Hours

Upon successful completion of the required courses, all graduation competencies will be satisfied.

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