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2016-17 Catalog 
2016-17 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Academic & Other Support Services


College Center (CC) (810) 989-5640 Fax: (810) 989-5773

The Library supports SC4 students and the research needs for their coursework. The Library provides a large collection of research and study materials; reference and research services; computer workstations; public printing and photocopying facilities; and dedicated study space.

Hours of Operation

During fall and winter semesters, the Library is open six days a week, Monday through Saturday*, including evening hours Monday through Thursday.

*Saturday hours of operation normally begin during the third week of classes in fall and winter semesters; please check with the library website to insure that the library will be open during the first few Saturdays of the term.

Changes to the hours of operation due to end-of-semester, holidays and mid-semester breaks are posted in advance throughout the Library, posted on the library website & social media channels, and are provided to students through campus communication channels. During spring/summer sessions, the Library is closed on Saturdays.

Note: Students will need a Skippers OneCard to check out Library materials.

Library Collections

The SC4 College Library provides the third largest community college research collection in the state of Michigan. It is a large and rich collection of research materials to support all areas of the college curriculum and the information needs of the faculty and student body. The collections provide access to more than 500,000 titles, including books, videos and periodical titles. The overall collections are roughly 20% physical resources and 80% digital/virtual to provide ease of access to materials through the campus network and from home. The Library collections include:

  • More than 61,000 physical books in the reference and circulating collections.
  • More than 50,000 periodical titles, ranging from scholarly journals to trade journals and popular magazines.
  • Over 30,000 video titles, including more than 3,800 DVDs and videocassettes and more than 27,000 educational videos available streaming over the Internet.
  • More than 360,000 e-books, most of which are available for use by multiple students at one time through multiple electronic devices.
  • Access to over 350 distinct academic research databases, providing students efficient portals into subject-specific scholarly content for their research.

Library Services

The Library offers a variety of services to ensure the success of students in their studies and research.

Circulation of Materials

Books are available for loan on a three-week basis with the opportunity to renew the loan two more times in-person, over the phone or online for a total possible nine weeks of loan time. Some e-books “circulate” as downloads to notebook computers, tablet devices and e-readers for 14 days and can be renewed if more time with the resource is needed. Physical videos and multimedia are available for use in the Library only. Online videos and multimedia are available anywhere in the world by logging on to the resource through the campus proxy server. Details about access can be obtained by contacting the library.

Research Seminars

Seminars on research skills and technology are offered in the Library. The Library also teaches programs on research and literacy skills to class sections and groups upon request. Check with Library staff to learn about upcoming seminars or to request one.

Electronic Resources

Access nearly all of the Library’s electronic resources from home with any Internet connection. Links to library resources from off-campus can be run through the SC4 Internet proxy server to insure access from anywhere in the world. Check with Library staff to learn more about how to access resources from off-campus.

Interlibrary Loan

The Library offers interlibrary loan service free of charge. This service allows the Library to obtain almost any book or article when that resource is not already part of the library’s collection. Request an interlibrary loan through the ILL request form on the library website, in person at the circulation or reference desks or by email at ill.request@sc4.edu.

Small Group Study Rooms

The Library offers three small group study rooms, separated from the main reading room area, for student use. Each of the rooms is equipped with a television monitor, a DVD/VCR combination player for viewing multimedia, and seating and study space for up to eight occupants. The rooms are often available for drop-in use by student groups, but they also can be reserved for certain times and days by groups of four or more. Requests can be made in person in the Library, by telephone, through the library website or by email to room.reservation@sc4.edu.

Computer Workstations

The Library offers over 70 Windows-based computer workstations with the latest version of Microsoft Office Suite as well as other software tools in use by the academic programs at SC4. There are also 3 Apple Mac workstations available for use by students in specific academic programs. Use of computers is governed by the college’s Acceptable Use policy on computers and network access.

Wireless Network

The Library provides access to the college’s public wireless network for those who prefer to use their own laptop or tablet. Check with Library staff for instructions on accessing the network.

Printing and Photocopying

The Library provides printing services from computer workstations. There are two black-and-white print stations and one full color print station. The Library also offers two photocopier stations. Print and copy jobs cost a few cents per page and require the purchase of a copy card in the Library. See Library staff for current printing and photocopying costs.

Copyright Consultation

The Library serves as the copyright agency for the college. In this role, the Library helps members of the SC4 community maintain legal usage of materials within copyright law. Check with Library staff to learn more about how to obtain copyright clearance for your resource, event or other need.

Reference Services

The Library offers reference and research assistance through a variety of channels:

In-Person Reference Service

Visit the reference desk in the Library.

Online, Telephone, and Email Reference Services

The Library offers remote reference assistance through telephone, the library website and email. The reference desk can be reached by calling (810) 989-5640 and following the menu prompts for the reference desk. Reference services also can be accessed by sending an email to lrc@sc4.edu.

Check-Out-a-Librarian Research Assistance

Set up a reference appointment with a librarian for extended help in conducting research. Provide your general topic and research question and Library reference staff will prepare reference tips and review the information with you. Request research assistance at the circulation or reference desks or by email at librarian.checkout@sc4.edu.

24/7 Virtual Reference Service

The Library also offers reference help through online chat. A chat will be answered by a professional reference librarian 24-hours per day, seven days per week. Access this service on SC4’s website.

Achievement Center

The Achievement Center provides specialized academic services to assist students so that their studies will be positive, meaningful and successful. All services are provided at no charge to currently enrolled students.

Hours of Operation

During fall and winter semesters, the Achievement Center is open five days a week, Monday through Friday. Hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Changes to the hours of operation due to end-of-semester, spring/summer semester, holidays and mid-semester breaks are posted in advance throughout the Achievement Center, posted on the website and social media channels, and are provided to students through campus communication channels.


SC4 students have access to tutoring services at no charge. Tutoring services are available regardless of course or grade on a first-come, first-served basis. Evening tutoring is available in the Library.

Tutoring Employment Opportunities

Qualified peer and professional tutors are continuously needed to provide tutoring services. Tutors must have an accumulated minimum 3.33 GPA. Request an application for employment from the Achievement Center.


The Achievement Center provides workshops to help students improve their score on the COMPASS placement test. Call (810) 989-5759 for more information.

Student Success Seminars

SC4 offers a variety of non-credit free seminars designed to support students’ academic, employment and career success. Seminars are scheduled throughout the year for students and community members, as well as, one-on-one basis.

Disability and Special Services

SC4 is committed to providing equal educational and employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities, in accordance with state and federal laws and regulations, including the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). To ensure equality of access for students with disabilities, SC4 will provide reasonable accommodations to students with disabilities, provided such accommodation does not fundamentally alter the nature of the program, cause undue hardship on the college, or jeopardize the health or safety of others. An Achievement Center coordinator is available to assist students experiencing academic difficulties and/or needing special support services (documentation required).

Services include:

  • Braille translation
  • Interpreter services
  • Mobility assurance
  • Note-taker services
  • Reader services
  • Referral services
  • Specialized assistive equipment for students with physical disabilities
  • Test-taking accommodations

English as a Second Language

Support is provided for students with limited English-speaking skills.

Testing Center

Testing Services

  • Admissions testing
    • HESI
    • WorkKeys
  • Test proctoring
    • CLEP
    • Departmental exams
    • Other colleges and universities
    • SC4 online classes
  • Certification testing
    • American Medical Technologists
    • Castle
    • Certiport
    • CIW / CTC
    • CompTIA
    • Empco
    • Firefighter testing for fire service positions
    • MSSC
    • National Career Readiness Certificate
    • National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians
    • Pearson VUE

For more information or to see hours of operation, login to the SC4 Portal, click on “Student Resources”, then click on “Support for Success” and scroll down to “Get Testing Details”. Disability testing is done in the Achievement Center.

Math Center

The Math Center offers free tutoring for all math classes and also can help with individual math problems. The center is staffed by SC4 math faculty and student tutors. Help is available anytime for MTH 075  and MTH 102 . For help with upper-level courses, call for instructor schedule. The center offers math activities, quiet study areas and limited computer access. Students also can work with other students on math assignments.

Writing Center

The Writing Center offers tutoring sessions with student writing consultants who are able to assist in every step of the writing process. Assistance is not limited to English classes; it is available for any class. Tutors can help with brainstorming, developing a thesis, research and citation, drafting and revising. Online support for students is available through Online Writing Lab (OWL) at wc@sc4.edu.

Center for eLearning

Online Courses

Online courses provide a flexible opportunity for continuing education. Online courses are instructor led and typically follow the same semester schedule as on-ground courses, while some also are offered as short-term courses. The platform used to deliver the online courses requires unique identification for each user. Attributes of the online course include the following:

  • Course materials are accessible from any Internet connection at any time
  • Interaction with fellow students happens in the online classroom, while private communication occurs with the instructor via email
  • Some online courses do require campus visits for taking tests or participating in labs

Online Degree Programs

Students seeking the convenience of online education can earn an associate degree online with campus visits required for some courses. Options include Associate in Arts, Associate in General Education, and Health Care Provider to RN Articulation Associate Degree. Students also can complete an Associate of Business − Transfer online by working with an academic advisor to determine the right selection of courses.

WEB099 - Introduction to Online Courses

Because online learning is different from the traditional classroom, choosing to take an online course should be an informed decision. WEB 099, Introduction to Online Courses, prepares students to become online learners at SC4. It is a free online tutorial that is scheduled as an open-entry course estimated to take three to five hours to complete. Enrollment and completion can occur at any time during a semester. The course shows how the online classroom looks and works, while providing practice on actions that may be required in the online course, such as submitting assignments with attachments, posting discussion board messages and emailing the instructor. Because this introduction is critical to the success of the online learner, completing WEB099 with an “S” grade is a requirement prior to registering for a student’s first online course.

Technology Requirements

Typical courses will display best at a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. The speed of your computer and the amount of system and video memory are important. A recent (less than three years old) PC or Macintosh with at least 512 MB (1 GB preferred) will significantly improve your interactive experience. Other technology requirements include:

  • Reliable Internet access (dial-up supported, but Cable or DSL (Broadband) preferred)
  • Internet Explorer (Version 7 or later) as browser with Java and cookies enabled and pop-up blocking disabled for this site
  • Updated anti-virus software (Google ‘AVG Free’ is a free version if needed)
  • Microsoft Word (Office 2000 or later). Other Office software may be required depending on the course.
  • CD-ROM drive and sound card (with speakers or headphones)and specialized software as required for some courses


Bistro College Center Catering

Bistro College Center Catering offers light breakfasts, full café lunches, snacks and beverages for between classes.

College Bookstore

The College Bookstore carries required books and supplies for classes, as well as clothing and convenience items. New and used books are available.  Note: Students will need a Skippers OneCard to sell back books.

Emergency Messages to Students

St. Clair County Community College will attempt to deliver to students EMERGENCY messages only. Call (810) 989-5560 or the Campus Patrol office at (810) 989-5757.

Health Insurance

Students may obtain an accident and sickness insurance policy for a nominal premium. The college is not responsible for any coverage and/or claims. Call (810) 989-5560 to request a brochure.


Free student parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis in the lot adjacent to the College Center. The entire lot at the Main Building is reserved for faculty and staff. All parking lots are lined and vehicles are to be parked within the designated spaces. Overflow parking often is available in the McMorran Place civic center parking lots east of campus. Depending on the time/day, a small fee may be charged.

The college assumes no liability for vehicles or contents in vehicles parked in or using college lots. People parking illegally (including fire lanes, walking paths, lawn and unauthorized handicapped space usage) will be ticketed or towed by college Campus Patrol personnel or city, county or state police agencies.

Voter Registration

Forms to register for voting are available in the College Bookstore, One-stop Student Services office and Library. Forms also may be downloaded at www.michigan.gov/sos.

SC4 Ombudsman Services

What is an Ombudsman?

The SC4 Student Ombudsman* Office works with students, potential students, applicants and alumni (collectively referred to as “Students” in this document) to resolve issues related to applications, enrollment, registration, financial aid, student accounts, records, and class participation. This assistance is provided on a confidential, neutral, and informal basis.

SC4 Student Ombuds are professional staff members of the college with experience in one or more of the areas covered by the Office.

What does an Ombudsman do?

We listen to people; offer information about policies, processes and procedures; help people examine options for resolving concerns; accept suggestions and data from individuals who seek a confidential channel for surfacing responsible concerns; and help to work for orderly and responsible changes in policies, processes and procedures. The SC4 Student Ombudsman Office reports directly to the Vice President of Student Services.

SC4 Student Ombuds work informally - they don’t change or overrule decisions, but they do assist the college with the review of policies, processes and procedures that create obstacles to student success in Student Services.

SC4 Student Ombuds don’t conduct formal investigations. SC4 Student Ombuds are designated as neutrals; they don’t serve as anyone’s lawyer, advocate or representative, nor do they provide protection of legal rights. Their purpose is to seek a fair process for expressing concerns and resolving disputes that may arise in SC4 Student Services.

How do I use the services of the SC4 Ombudsman Office?

Those wishing to use the services of the SC4 Ombudsman Office must first attempt to resolve their issue through the college’s established procedures. If it’s unclear what those procedures are, the SC4 Ombudsman Office can assist Students to discover them. If the college’s established procedures fail to produce a satisfactory outcome for the Student, the SC4 Ombudsman Office may the assist by reviewing the issue and attempting to resolve it through other means. The SC4 Ombudsman Office will also note any policies, processes or procedures that present obstacles to student success in the application process, enrollment, registration, financial aid, student accounts, records, and class participation, and then work to modify them when possible to avoid future student issues.

Handling of formal complaints 

The SC4 Ombudsman Office does not accept formal complaints from Students for the college. If a Student wishes to make a formal complaint, that is, to make SC4 formally aware of a particular problem, the SC4 Ombudsman Office can provide information on how to do so.

Handling of student conduct issues

The SC4 Ombudsman Office does not directly handle issues regarding student conduct or violations of the college’s Student Code of Conduct. Such issues are handled by the college’s Director of Behavioral Intervention.

Confidentiality of communications

To function effectively, the SC4 Ombudsman Office and its staff must maintain the confidentiality of communications with those who use the office. Communications with the SC4 Ombudsman Office are therefore considered confidential and privileged. 

Accordingly, SC4 Student Ombuds and staff will not answer questions about people with whom we may have spoken, or disclose an individual’s name or specific issue, with anyone outside of the SC4 Ombudsman Office; unless, during the course of our discussions with a Student, permission is given to do so for the purpose of informal conflict resolution, and if the Ombudsman also agrees to attempt informal resolution.

The only exception to this pledge of confidentiality is where the Ombudsman determines that there is an imminent risk of serious harm.

The Ombuds Office does not keep permanent records of confidential communications. Permanent records kept by the Office include only statistical information for analyzing and reporting trends and recommendations to the college.

Independence and limited scope

At present, SC4 Student Ombuds are not completely independent, as they may have additional duties assigned to them. Additionally, their scope is limited to student issues and concerns.

SC4 Student Ombuds do not get involved in employee, administrative, or academic issues, except where requested on an advisory basis.

When acting in an ombudsman role, however, SC4 Student Ombuds are expected to be confidential and neutral advocates for SC4 Students.

* The terms “ombudsman,” “ombudsperson,” “ombud,” and “ombuds” are interchangeable, and any of them are acceptable when referring to the SC4 Ombudsman Office and Student Ombuds.