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2016-17 Catalog 
2016-17 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Course Descriptions

Reading a Course Description

At the bottom of the course descriptions, students will see a pattern such as 3 credits, plus 1 contact hour = 2 lecture, 2 laboratory, OR 4 credits = 4 lecture/laboratory. The numbers will change based on the individual course. Tuition is charged by the contact hour.

Some course descriptions contain two-letter codes indicating that they meet certain general education competencies. The competencies, along with their codes, are listed below:

Computer Literacy = CL
Critical Thinking = CT
Global Awareness = GA
Government and the Political Process = GP
Mathematics = MA
Oral Communication = OC
Writing = WR

For some courses a prerequisite course or assessment score is required prior to registration. Students who believe that the prerequisite was met through previous college work or work experience may ask the course instructor for permission to waive the prerequisite. It is up to the student to provide the evidence for this waiver request.

Students placing into RD 050 Introduction to College Reading I are required to take the course their first semester. RD 050 is considered a co-requisite to any course in the college catalog.

Prerequisite Waivers

Any course prerequisite may be waived by the permission of the instructor. Student must contact the instructor for approval.

Directed Study

Directed Study is intended as an enrichment opportunity for the student. It is designed for topics not covered in any other course in the catalog and may take the form of a project or research. The interested student may obtain the appropriate form from the instructor or department chair.

Independent Study

Any college course described in the catalog may be taken as independent study if there are unusual and extenuating circumstances. However, the student must initiate acceptance and approval for supervision by an instructor and obtain the appropriate form from the instructor or academic lead.

Selected Topics

All disciplines have a course as follows with the acronym for each discipline − 195 Selected Topics − a course that offers an intensive investigation of one or more topics of current interest. Topics are selected by discipline. Interested students should inform the instructor of their interest at the earliest possible date. Special requirements may be necessary. 1 to 5 credits = 1 to 5 lecture and/or laboratory.

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