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2016-17 Catalog 
2016-17 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Accounting, AAS

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Program Code: AASAC

The two-year Accounting degree prepares students for positions in the field of accounting practices. The program is designed to prepare students to obtain accounting jobs in the areas of accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, general ledger processing, and managerial accounting within service and industrial firms. The program combines the in-depth study of accounting principles with the application of those principles and concepts in a computerized accounting system. Students graduating from this program will be trained to fill positions that require knowledge and skills in accounting at an introductory level.

Students completing this course of study will be able to complete the accounting cycle for service, merchandise and manufacturing firms that are sole proprietorships, partnerships or corporations. Students will be able to analyze and interpret financial data, assist in the budgeting process, and process and account for payroll related transactions. Students will be skilled in performing these tasks in a manual and computerized accounting system.

NOTE: Students wishing to transfer should follow the Business Transfer program and call the Business and Information Technologies business discipline at (810) 989-5575 or contact an academic advisor at (810) 989-5520 for guidance and details relating to transfer information specific to each college/university.

Program Outcomes/Objectives:

When students complete this program, they will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate the application of the concepts of double-entry bookkeeping; both in manual and computerized formats.
  2. Prepare financial statements including; income statements, balance sheets, statement of cash flow, and equity statements.
  3. Analyze financial statements through the use of financial ratios.
  4. Perform managerial accounting analyses and functions.
  5. Interpret and apply payroll laws and regulations to various payroll scenarios.
  6. Differentiate and evaluate the terminology utilized in income taxation.
  7. Demonstrate ability to complete algebraic math applications.
  8. Demonstrate the effective use of office applications including: spreadsheets and word processors.
  9. Demonstrate the ability to effectively communicate.

Suggested Course Sequence

Total Credit Hours/Total Contact Hours = 62-65/62-65

* or MTH 112  or higher

** ENG 102  and SPC 101   OR ENG 102  and BUS 181  may be substituted for OA 225  .

Recommended elective courses: BUS 158  , BUS 180  , BUS 199  , BUS 257  , BUS 258  ,  PSY 180  , PSY 230  

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