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2023-24 Catalog 
2023-24 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

College Overview


St. Clair County Community College is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission, 230 South LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500, Chicago, IL, 60604. ((800) 621-7440 or hlcommission.org)

The College is a member of the American Association of Community Colleges.

The College has been approved by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement for the training of non-quota, alien students admitted under Section 4(e) of the Immigration Act of 1924. Contact the Office of the College President if you wish to review the Statement of Affiliation Status.

The St. Clair County Community College, CoARC program #200635, Associate degree, in Port Huron holds Provisional Accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care (www.coarc.com).

For approved or accredited programs, please see our website.

Assessment of Student Learning

St. Clair County Community College is committed to excellence in education. To ensure this excellence, the College has instituted a plan to assess student learning and to analyze the College’s impact on its students to improve teaching and learning. The various procedures used in the assessment plan are designed to gather information and will not affect an individual student’s progress in his/her program, grades and/or graduation.

Address and Campus Map

St. Clair County Community College
323 Erie St.

P.O. Box 5015
Port Huron, MI

St. Clair County Community College campus map















Maps and directions available at sc4.edu/about/maps-and-directions/ as well.

Faculty and staff directory

  • Kraig Archer, Professor, Social Sciences
  • Sherry Artman, Student Engagement Manager
  • Lisa Bankston, DEI & Admissions Secretary
  • Berenice Barba, Academic Advisor/Coach
  • Bridget Barrett, Athletics Facilities and Operations Manager
  • Carrie Bearss, Registrar
  • Paul Bedard, Professor, Math
  • Dr. Michael Belleman, Professor, Economics
  • Joshua Black, Academic Advisor/Coach
  • Jessica D. Brown, Vice President of DEI & Admissions
  • Dr. Renee Bryzik, Instructor, English
  • Josephine Cassar, Executive Director, Financial Assistance & Services
  • LaTanga Christmas, Professor, Speech
  • Noah Cokonougher, Systems Engineer
  • Alan Collard, Professor, CIS
  • Kristin R. Copenhaver, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Crissy Cook, Flight Director (Challenger Center)
  • Sara Day, TRIO Advising and Retention Coordinator
  • Chris Deaton, Payroll Manager
  • Carrie Dollar, Professor, Biology
  • Meghan Drouillard, Instructor, Nursing
  • Sara Duckert, Professor, Nursing
  • Tracy Dunsmore, Dean of Health Sciences/Director of Nursing
  • Akilah Edmondson, Staffing Specialist
  • Duane Emig, Instructor, Engineering Technology
  • Niall Farley, Veterans & Records Coordinator
  • F. Scott Fernandez, Professor, History
  • Richard Field, DEI & Recruitment Manager
  • Sarah Flatter, Professor, Fine Arts
  • Ethan J. Flick, Chief Academic Officer
  • Brent Forsgren, Professor, History
  • Colleen Forsgren, Professor, Business
  • Anne Forte, Instructional Designer
  • Kim Foxwell, Student Wellness Manager
  • James Frank, Professor, French/English
  • Patricia Frank, Professor, History
  • Dr. Janice Fritz, Professor, Biology
  • Donna Galvan, Professor, Sociology
  • Becky L. Gentner, Chief Financial Officer
  • Joseph Gibbons, Professor, Chemistry
  • Nicholas Goins, Professor, Math
  • Steve Gura, Professor, Nursing
  • Brad Haslett, IT Support Specialist
  • Spencer R. Hazlewood, Chief Technology Officer
  • Stacy Healy, Director of TRIO SSS
  • Kimberly Heering, Testing Center Coordinator
  • Eric Heinemann, Professor - Engineering Tech
  • Theresa Hill, Student Account & Purchasing Manager
  • Anne Hilton, Dean of Academic Technologies & Data
  • Chris Hilton, Professor, English
  • Brandis Hubbard, Professor, Biology
  • Robert Hunckler, Professor, Geography
  • Leslie Irwin, Instructor, Nursing
  • Moira Isaacson, Professor, Nursing
  • Dr. Elizabeth Jacoby, Professor, English
  • Kristy Jevens, Academic Coach Specialist
  • James Jones, Professor, Criminal Justice
  • Matt Kandell, Network & Security Engineer
  • Michelle Kelch, Professor, Nursing/Business
  • Kirk A. Kramer, Chief Operating Officer
  • Cori Krohn, Executive Director of Campus Patrol & Training
  • Debra Lacey, Director of Experience Center
  • Dr. Pete A. Lacey, Senior Vice President
  • Laurie Lamont, Professor, Nursing
  • Terrance Langan, Professor, Accounting
  • Kyle Larson, Instructor, English
  • Jane Lewandoski, Information & Education Services Librarian
  • Chrystal Lilly, Academic Processes Manager
  • Jody Lincoln, Professor, Nursing
  • Jennifer Louiso, Sr. Accountant
  • Rebecca Lubbers, Professor, Political Science
  • Dawn Lyon, Professor, Nursing
  • Dr. Katarzyna Mantha, Professor, Biology
  • Bethany L. Mayea, Chief Human Resource Officer
  • Drew Maynard, Admissions & Recruit Coordinator
  • Katherine McCullough, Professor, Nursing
  • Joseph McFalda, Professor, Welding
  • Chris McNutt, Benefits Manager
  • Anne McPherson, Coordinator of Academic Success & Disability Services
  • Robert Moldenhauer, Professor, Biology
  • Kim Murphy, Professor, Nursing
  • Scott Murphy, Simulation Operational Coordinator
  • Pauline Nofs, Assistant Registrar
  • Dr. Suzanne O’Brien, Professor, English
  • James Omlor, Manager of Physical Plant
  • Marci Orrell, Assistant Director of Financial Aid
  • Caleb Paldanius, Instructor, Nursing
  • Julie Perry, Professor, Nursing
  • Susan Plachta, Professor, English
  • Lauren Purcell, Instructor, Nursing
  • Rita Radzilowski, Professor, Business/Psychology
  • Thomas Read, STEM Lab Manager
  • Melissa Reno, Instructor, Nursing
  • Donald Reuba, Professor, Engineering Technology
  • Brenda Rinke, Director of Academic Support
  • Michelle Roberts, Systems Librarian
  • Dr. Brian Robertson, Professor, Math
  • Christine Robinson, Program Director, Respiratory Therapy
  • Mark Rummel, User Services Manager
  • Sarah L. Rutallie, Chief of Staff
  • Suzanne Schiappacasse, Professor, Psychology
  • Nicole Semrow, Financial Aid Officer
  • Nate Shrapnell, Residence Life & Conduct Manager
  • David Sheldon, Professor, Biology
  • Michele Simmons, Controller
  • Kayla Slinglend, Financial Aid Officer
  • Jessica Smith, Executive Director of Business Services
  • Dr. Deborah A. Snyder, President & CEO
  • James Soto, Professor, Philosophy & English
  • Marie St. James, Professor, Math
  • Tami Stafford, Professor, Respiratory Therapy
  • William Stallman, IT Support Specialist
  • Tyler Tourot, Server & Storage Engineer
  • Barry Trippett, Professor, Math
  • Tamara Turney, Professor, Nursing
  • Stacey Turo, Professor, Nursing
  • Jeffery VanHamlin, Professor, Math
  • Dale Vos, Director of Athletics
  • Dane Vos, Athletics Business Manager
  • Dr. Abby Warden, Instructor, Psychology
  • Kevin Watkins, Instructor, Nursing
  • Dr. Michelle Watta, Professor, Psychology
  • David Webb, Professor, Biology
  • Wesley Whetstone, Manager of College Housing
  • Max Whittredge, DEI & Athletics Manager
  • Dr. Patrick Wilcox, Instructor, Physics/Astronomy
  • Kirsten Willard, Academic Data & Design Coordinator
  • David Yanik, Flight Director (Challenger Center)

The SC4 directory at sc4.edu/faculty-staff-directory/ is updated throughout the year.

Additional Information

Additional information about St. Clair County Community College can be found at sc4.edu/about/.