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2023-24 Catalog 
2023-24 Catalog

Admissions/Registration Information


There is no application fee for applying to the college. To get started, visit

Note: There is a secondary application for students applying for health sciences programs; visit The secondary application requires a $25 payment before it can be processed. (Follow the payment instructions provided on the secondary application.)

Upon submitting your application for admission, SC4’s Enrollment Services office will create your student record and email to you an acceptance letter that contains your initial login information, which you will use to access the Service Center, SC4’s online student system.

SC4 is an open-admissions institution; applicants are not required to have completed a high school diploma, nor is there a minimum age requirement to apply. (Applicants who are in grades 8 and lower: see detail on Conditional Admission below.) Please note that high school guest, college guest and ability-to-benefit (i.e. no completed high school diploma or GED) students are not eligible for Title IV federal financial aid.

Upon admission, students can register for any classes that do not require a prerequisite. Some classes’ prerequisites can be met via coursework completed in high school, or via math and/or English assessment scores. Visit for details.

Additional pre-registration information, such as how to set up student email accounts and purchase books, is available at

Conditional Admission for students in middle school or younger:

Admission may be granted on a conditional, semester-by-semester basis for students younger than high school age. Students who are academically qualified will be considered for admission as a guest by the Registrar once they have satisfied the following:

  1. Must complete and submit the Early Admission Application form.
  2. Must complete assessment testing at SC4 to demonstrate college level skills in the areas of writing and mathematics.
  3. Must receive instructor permission for each desired class section before being allowed to register and attend classes at SC4.

Students attending SC4 under Conditional Admission are considered “guests” to the college and must follow steps one and three above (after their initial semester of enrollment) prior to each semester of enrollment until a student reaches ninth grade.

Schedule of Classes

SC4 offers classes in a variety of formats including day, evening, weekend, online, fast-path and other formats. Students are encouraged to register early each registration period in order to take full advantage of these opportunities.

Academic Calendar and Campus Hours

2023 Fall Semester

  • April 17: Fall 2023 registration (begins at midnight)
  • July 21: Fall 2023 final payment due for fall semester classes
  • August 21: Fall 2023 classes begin
  • August 21-25: Drop/add and late registration for 16-week classes (web registration for all classes beginning the week of Aug. 21 ends at 11:59 p.m. on Aug. 25)
  • September 4: Labor Day - No classes
  • September 18: Fast-path 12-week classes begin
  • October 2: Early Alert grades available
  • October 16: Fast-path 8-week courses begin
  • October 30: Winter 2024 registration opens (midnight)
  • November 22-24: Campus closed for Thanksgiving
  • November 27: Classes resume
  • December 1: Last day to drop classes with a grade of ‘W’ from 16-week classes
  • December 11: Finals begin
  • December 15: Fall 2023 semester ends
  • December 18: Final grades due

2024 Winter Semester

  • October 30, 2023 at midnight: Winter 2024 registration begins
  • January 8, 2024: Classes begin
  • Jan. 8 to 12: Drop/add and late registration (web registration for 16-week courses ends at 11:59 p.m. on Jan. 12)
  • Feb. 5: Fast-path 12-week classes begin
  • Feb. 19 at midnight: Summer 2024 registration begins
  • Feb. 19 at noon: Early Alert grades available
  • Mar. 4 to 8: Spring break (no classes)
  • Mar. 11: Classes resume and fast-path 8-week classes begin
  • Apr. 19: Last day to withdraw from 16-week classes with a grade of ‘W’
  • Apr. 29: Finals begin
  • May 3: Winter semester ends
  • May 3: Commencement
  • May 6: Final grades due

2024 Summer Semester

  • May 13: Classes begin
  • May 27: Memorial Day (no classes)
  • June 19: Juneteenth (no classes)
  • July 4: Independence Day (no classes)
  • Aug. 2: Summer semester ends
  • Aug. 5: Final grades due

Campus Hours

8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday
Hours are extended at the beginning of each semester

Service Center - SC4 Online Student System

Students are encouraged to use the SC4 Service Center, which may be accessed at The Service Center provides a wide variety of services to students in an easy-to-use online format. Examples of the services available on the Service Center include:

  • Academic transcripts
  • Access to grades
  • Application for graduation
  • Class search and schedule planning
  • Contact an advisor
  • Financial aid awarding status
  • Progress to degree/certificate completion (degree audit)
  • Request an enrollment verification
  • Tax information
  • Tuition payment

Questions related to the Service Center may be directed to the Enrollment Services office at (810) 989-5500 or Use of the student portal and the Service Center must be in accordance with the college’s technology Acceptable Use Policy.


There are two ways to register for classes:

Online: Students may register for classes online via the Service Center at

In-person: Students can receive registration assistance by visiting the Enrollment Services office in Room 103 of the SC4 Welcome Center.

Registration periods vary. Refer to for specific registration dates/times.

It is the responsibility of the student to follow the established procedure for adding, dropping or withdrawing from classes. It is the student’s responsibility to confirm the accuracy of both registration and billing information at the time of enrollment. Award amounts listed for students receiving financial aid and/or scholarships are “pending” and may be adjusted following registration. Students are responsible for payment of tuition and fees not covered by financial aid and must drop classes within the established refund period. Payment plans (Nelnet) are available and more information is available in the financial aid and tuition section of this Catalog. In the event that a student declines a financial aid award, or does not register for the minimum number of required credit hours to receive a financial aid award, the student is responsible to drop the class(es) prior to the final drop/add deadline date.


Students have the option of “waitlisting” for a class(es) if a desired section is full. There is no charge to waitlist.

Students who waitlist must be diligent in checking their Student Planning tool and SC4 student email account to monitor their progress on the waitlist. If/when a student is notified of a waitlisted class permission to register, the student has two days to take action and register for the course. Students receiving permission to register who then miss the two-day registration window are removed from the waitlist for the class.

Once the waitlist is ended, any openings in classes are available on a first come, first registered basis. Students must make arrangements for tuition payment at the time of registration.

Registration Restrictions

SC4 students will not be allowed to register or make adjustments to their class schedules if they do not have a valid address on file with the college or if they have an outstanding balance to the college for tuition or fees. A registration restriction will be imposed for students who have been dropped for non-payment twice in the same semester. Students who have this registration restriction on their records are required to register in person in the Enrollment Services office.

Class Audit

If a student wishes to register for a credit-bearing course and receive no credit, the student must indicate “audit” when registering. “Audit” means that a student has registered, paid, and is attending a college credit course, but will receive no credit or grade for the course. Students auditing a class are still required to meet all course prerequisites.

Students who choose to “audit” a class must designate this registration status at the time of registration or by the end of the drop/add period. Once a class has been registered as an “audit,” no adjustments may be made to change the course status to college credit after the drop/add period has ended. Conversely, once a class has been registered for college credit, a student may not change the status of the class to “audit” after the drop/add period has ended. Students failing to comply with this requirement will be held responsible for the resulting consequences. Ultimately, it is the student’s responsibility to verify the accuracy of the registration and billing statement.

Off-Campus Centers

Students planning to take courses at one of the SC4 off-campus centers may register online via Payment schedule compliance is required to maintain class registration.

Resident and Non-Resident Policy (Determines tuition rate)

Residents of the St. Clair County Community College district pay taxes to support SC4 through a voter-approved millage rate. The current SC4 district is based upon St. Clair County K-12 school districts and does not include persons living in St. Clair County who reside in Anchor Bay, Armada, Richmond, Brown City, or Croswell-Lexington school districts.

SC4 students are responsible for maintaining an accurate address at the college for the purpose of billing tuition appropriately, as well as mailing refunds or other pertinent information. Because residency corresponds to a student’s address and consequently determines the student’s tuition rate, a student wishing to be classified as an SC4 in-district resident must meet the following requirement:

  • Must have been a bona fide resident in the SC4 college district prior to the start date of the intended semester of enrollment

NOTE: International students (i.e. those students attending SC4 on an F-1 visa) cannot establish residency.

Residency of all students under 18 years of age follows that of their parents or legal guardians. Students who falsify their residency will be subject to payment of tuition at the correct residency rate. Charges in such cases will be retroactive.

Students who have moved from out-district or out-state to in-district must complete the following steps, and submit documentation, prior to the first day of the intended semester of enrollment to be charged at the in-district rate:

  1. Complete a Proof of Residency Form (available in the Enrollment Services office or on SC4’s website).
  2. Provide a copy of a valid Michigan driver license, Michigan ID card, or Voter Registration card showing the current in-district address dated prior to the start date of the intended semester of enrollment.

Appeals may be made to the registrar. The proof of residency documents outlined above must include the student’s name, current address and be dated prior to the start date of the intended semester of enrollment.

Please note that all changes in residency status should be reported immediately to the Enrollment Services office.

Name and Address Changes

Students are required to report name and address changes directly to the Enrollment Services office. Students also may submit chosen first name and middle name changes and address changes online via their Service Center account. Students wishing to update their last name(s) must provide legal documentation (marriage license, court documentation, divorce papers, etc.) before last name changes are processed. If the address is being changed from an out-district address to an in-district address, residency change procedures must be followed as outlined in the aforementioned section. Failure to submit the necessary forms pertaining to a given semester may result in the Enrollment Services office being unable to provide requested services. As a result, students will be held responsible for the consequences of such action.

Course Cancellations

SC4 makes every attempt to run all classes; however, some classes must be cancelled due to low enrollment. Students whose class(es) have been cancelled will be notified as soon as possible. Students are encouraged to enroll in other available sections or see an academic advisor for assistance in selecting other class options. If students choose not to enroll in another section or a different class, they will be refunded the tuition for the cancelled class. Students are cautioned to check with the Financial Aid office to see if financial aid funding is affected if the cancelled class(es) is not replaced in a student’s course load.

Class Cancellations

Class cancellations and faculty absences will be posted on the College Portal. The information is updated throughout the day. SC4 also will use this platform to inform students of college closings due to inclement weather. Faculty absences and college closure information is available to students via

Dropping/Adding and Late Registration

Students may adjust their schedule with 100% tuition refund by dropping/adding courses during the established timeframes for each course, as listed below. Students are responsible to complete the appropriate drop/add procedure via Student Planning or in-person by the designated deadline dates. No refunds will be processed for drops processed after the established deadline.

Course Length Drop/Add with a 100% Tuition Refund
16 weeks (Full Term Fall and Winter Semesters) 5 calendar days from the semester start date
12 weeks (Full Term Summer Semester) 5 calendar days from the semester start date
3 to 15 weeks 5 calendar days from the start date of the class
1 day to 2 weeks First day of class

Course Mobility Clause

SC4 offers a course mobility clause for students. During the first three weeks of the semester, upon agreement of both instructor and student, the student may move to a higher or lower level of: Accounting, English, Math and Languages (French, German, Spanish). Contact your instructor for details.

Class Withdrawal (Period following Drop/Add and Late Registration)

Once the drop/add period (i.e. 100% refund) has expired, students may withdraw from classes by completing the process online, or in person. Students requesting withdrawal by the appropriate deadline will receive a final grade of “W.” The established deadline dates are listed below.

  1. Courses meeting 6 to 16 weeks: students may withdraw through the third to last Friday in the course (i.e. two weeks remaining in the course).
  2. Courses meeting 3 to 5 weeks: students may withdraw through the second to last Friday in the course (i.e. one week remaining in the course).
  3. Courses meeting 1 day to 2 weeks: students may drop for a tuition refund on the first day of the class. There is no withdrawal period.

Students who withdraw from a class may no longer attend the class and no tuition refund will be processed. Failure to formally withdraw from a class(es) may result in a grade of “E”. Injured or ill students unable to withdraw online should have a family member initiate the process by contacting the Enrollment Services office.

All students requesting a complete withdrawal of classes prior to the 60% date of the semester are encouraged to contact the Financial Aid office to determine the impact that the Federal Return of Title IV Funds rule may have on their current and future financial aid eligibility.

Class Attendance

Class attendance policies are established by each individual instructor and are presented to each student on the course syllabus within the first week of class. Punctuality and regular attendance are necessary if the student is to receive maximum benefit from courses enrolled. The responsibility for lecture and scheduled laboratory attendance rests solely with the student.

When work has been affected by unexcused absences or tardiness, penalties may be imposed at the discretion of the individual instructor. As a matter of courtesy, students should explain the reason for absence to their instructors. When possible, this should be done in advance.

If a student stops attending class and does not officially withdraw from the class, or does not make arrangements with the instructor for an “I” incomplete grade (restrictions apply), the instructor has no choice but to issue a final grade of “E” for the class. Students are cautioned to remember that failing grades and course withdrawals may affect current and future financial aid eligibility.

Transcript Requests

SC4 has partnered with the National Student Clearinghouse to offer electronic transcripts through an online ordering system. Students may order as many transcripts to as many recipients as needed in a single session. Visit for ordering instructions and applicable fees.

Students also may request unofficial (student) copies and/or official (sealed envelope) copies of their transcripts free of charge in the Enrollment Services office, Room 103 of the SC4 Welcome Center, during regular business hours. Photo identification is required when requesting transcripts in person.

Students who attended SC4 prior to 1983 may not have the ability to utilize the electronic transcript option. Call the Records Office at (810) 989-5500 to inquire if your transcript is eligible for electronic delivery.

NOTE: Students who owe tuition dollars to SC4 or who have other unmet obligations will be prevented from utilizing the electronic transcript option or receiving transcripts in-person (official/unofficial), as well as receiving proof of degrees/certificates earned, until all financial obligations are resolved with the SC4 Business Office.

Student Email Accounts

Students are assigned an SC4 email account at the time of application for a college credit program. Students are bound in their use of this email service by the Acceptable Use Policy. Appropriate uses of this service include communicating with:

  • Faculty regarding coursework, as approved by the instructor.
  • College staff regarding the enrollment process, financial account status or any other administrative process.
  • Classmates regarding course and campus activities.

All students must activate their email accounts. SC4 uses email to communicate with all students taking classes for credit, regarding important information about billing, classes, deadlines, events, refunds, financial aid, and registration. Accounts will be inactivated after students have not enrolled in credit classes for a period of two years.

Student Help Desk

SC4 provides help desk services for students who need login assistance to SC4’s portal and Service Center. Assistance is available by calling (810) 989-5858.

Skippers OneCard

A student’s Skippers OneCard is an official college photo ID and serves as the student’s College library card. Students must setup their OneCard and choose their refund preference. Students who have any financial aid or tuition refunds sent to their OneCard can then use it as a debit card for books and other educational needs. A OneCard is necessary to receive services in many departments on campus. To get an ID, a student must first get their photo taken in the Testing Center, located in the College Center. Students must show a valid driver license, state ID card or passport. Merchant discounts and promotions are available by showing the Skippers OneCard at local businesses. For more information and a complete list of participating businesses, visit